Facts, Folklore, and Foodstuffs: Links to Inspire Your CSA Bounty

Hello neighbors and happy Wednesday! Hope all your weeks are going swimmingly. Tonight we've got a B week pickup happening in the basement of the Park Church Co-op. What are you planning to do with your veggies this week? Here's a few links to inspire you -- stories, recipes, and some rando facts about each fruit and veggie expected for your share. Comment down below with your own musings on this week's bounty!

Photo by  Food52

Photo by Food52

Impress your peers and influence people at brunch with a delicious flaky pile of scallion pancakes.  (Photo above!)

Once upon a time humans thought smelling basil could breed scorpions in our brains. So if you've got a bad case of the brain-scorpions, you'll want to check out this deep dive into the etymology of basil

Let the wizardry of stovetop caramelizing turn your zucchini (or summer squash) into butter. 

Go beyond salads: it's time to start braising your lettuce

Sweet pea plants never looked so beautifully weird and graceful as in this time lapse video of the vines over a four-hour period. 

Keep David Chang's super fast (45-minute!) cucumber kimchi in your arsenal of summer grilling condiments. I speak from personal experience when I say this will change your hot dog game. 

Take your kale to the most unlikely place: dessert. Chocolate Kale Cake, anyone? 

And then take your blackberries to the dinner table with this five-spice duck breast with blackberries recipe. 

Not that you need another reason to eat the amazing blueberries this season -- but here's one anyway: Did you know that the "blueberries" in many processed foods actually aren't blueberries at all

Cheers and happy eating, everyone!

Welcome to the GWCSA blog! And hello from me, Amelia

Hello Greenpoint/Williamsburg food enthusiasts!

Welcome to the brand-spankin’-new GWCSA blog. I’m so glad you stopped by! My name is Amelia and you may know me from Saturday distribution at McCarren Park.

I’m starting my second season as a member of our stellar Saturday distro team, which this year also includes Nicole, Naomi, and Jeff. On Wednesday distro we’ve got the awesome team of Lydia, Pete, and Meg running the show. And working a little more behind the scenes, we’ve got Kat rocking the work shift sign-ups, Bari heading up our low income fund, Melissa planning our great events like Harvest Dinner and the summer farm trip, and Maddy and Ryan writing up our fun newsletters. A bunch of us also pull double duty, like Nicole on CSA sign-ups, Naomi on accounting, Kat on Gmail communication, and me on this website. Interested in joining us as a member of the Core team? We are fun, we like snacks, and we would love to be friends with you. Come to our meetings, or hit us up when you see us lurking behind the lettuce crates!

I’d especially like to get your input about anything you want to read here in the blog. Trying to start your own urban farm on the fire escape, and want to know what Farmer Eve has to say about growing food? Let me know! Not sure how the CSA works and want more information about our day to day operation? We’d love to illuminate! Psyched about your bread share and want to read an interview with that magical baker? I’m on it! Or maybe you’re a writer and want to join me in posting blogs -- that’s awesome. Let’s get together and brainstorm! Send any and all thoughts, questions, fan mail, and Internet hugs to info@gwcsa.org and I’ll get back to you. Or, just comment down below!

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce our first blog feature, featuring… me! This is a lightning round Q&A I’d really love to send each of you so we can profile all you beautiful folks on the blog. Please let me know if you want to send me your answers to these questions! Otherwise I might try to wheedle you into this when I see you at distro. (No pressure at all, of course, but if you’re interested I’d love for you to use this platform as a way to introduce yourself.)

Lightning Round Q&A: 11 Facts About CSA Member Amelia

How long have you been a member of GWCSA?

3 years

When you’re not picking up delicious organic vegetables, what do you do?

I’m a freelance editor and occasional farmer’s market employee. I work on sexy romance novels, “cozy mysteries” (an actual genre), and young adult novels for Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster. I also sometimes sell hot sauce and hot peppers in Union Square for the company Homesweet Homegrown.

What do you consider your greatest CSA triumph to date?

Lifting those potato crates, man. Unloading the truck is no joke! My little brother tells me I’ve got “mad gains.”

And your greatest CSA faceplant?

Not getting on board fast enough with some of the more perplexing veggies -- I’m looking at you, kohlrabi and fava beans. I’ve let these go bad so many times; this year things will change...

What’s a cool thing you’ve got going on this month?

Anticipating the birth of my first nephew! Please feel free to give me all your tips about winning over the hearts of children when you see me at distro (I have zero knowledge).

Tell us about one awesome recipe you make with CSA goodies.

I love using the parsley, cilantro, and corn to make sauteed corn with chimichurri. I usually cut the kernels off the cob and let them sit in a hot pan with some olive oil until they have a little char. Then, blend up your favorite chimichurri recipe and mix with the corn. You can also do this with store-bought frozen corn, but as we all know there is seriously no substitute for Garden of Eve corn.

If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be? Feel free to expand on that, or leave it a mystery for us.

Donut peach! Because Homer Simpson is my spirit animal.

Give us a weird fun fact about you and your food history.

I’ve been an omnivore for the past 6 years, but I was raised vegetarian in rural East Texas, land of beef. I have a lot of experience eating sides of coleslaw and baked beans.  

What are three things you like to chat about while you’re cruising through the CSA pickup line?

The Bachelor/Bachelorette TV show, music-related adventures and endeavors, anything and everything you’ve recently cooked/eaten.

What project do you have going on that we’re all going to send you positive vibes and high fives about?

My garden (see above pic)! I’m a novice and am especially psyched about some heirloom aji cristal peppers and green grape tomatoes I’m trying out.

What’s one awesome place in our hood where you like to hang?

Crest Hardware -- so many project possibilities. Plus, there’s a pig in the backyard!