Facts, Folklore, and Foodstuffs: Links to Inspire Your CSA Bounty

Hello neighbors and happy Wednesday! Hope all your weeks are going swimmingly. Tonight we've got a B week pickup happening in the basement of the Park Church Co-op. What are you planning to do with your veggies this week? Here's a few links to inspire you -- stories, recipes, and some rando facts about each fruit and veggie expected for your share. Comment down below with your own musings on this week's bounty!

Photo by  Food52

Photo by Food52

Impress your peers and influence people at brunch with a delicious flaky pile of scallion pancakes.  (Photo above!)

Once upon a time humans thought smelling basil could breed scorpions in our brains. So if you've got a bad case of the brain-scorpions, you'll want to check out this deep dive into the etymology of basil

Let the wizardry of stovetop caramelizing turn your zucchini (or summer squash) into butter. 

Go beyond salads: it's time to start braising your lettuce

Sweet pea plants never looked so beautifully weird and graceful as in this time lapse video of the vines over a four-hour period. 

Keep David Chang's super fast (45-minute!) cucumber kimchi in your arsenal of summer grilling condiments. I speak from personal experience when I say this will change your hot dog game. 

Take your kale to the most unlikely place: dessert. Chocolate Kale Cake, anyone? 

And then take your blackberries to the dinner table with this five-spice duck breast with blackberries recipe. 

Not that you need another reason to eat the amazing blueberries this season -- but here's one anyway: Did you know that the "blueberries" in many processed foods actually aren't blueberries at all

Cheers and happy eating, everyone!