Sign-ups for the 2017 season are now open for returning members!

Online Sign-ups

If you've read through our share info and membership agreement, then you're ready to go! Use our online sign-up to become a member today - choose Greenpoint or Williamsburg from the list of locations to be a part of the GWCSA.



If you sign up by April 17, 2017, you can get an early bird discount by entering the coupon code gwcsa2016member. Coupon codes are case sensitive.


A/B Week Assignments

If you've decided to become a biweekly member (pick-up every other week), you will be assigned either A week or B week (see the distribution schedule for specific dates).  You'll receive A/B week assignments by late May or early June.


Pay in Multiple Installments

If you become a member by end of April, you can pay in multiple installments which makes the payments smaller and more manageable. All payments must be completed by June 1, 2017.


Refunds and Ending Membership Mid-Season

The GWCSA does not refund payments after the June 1 final payment deadline for any reason.

The CSA model relies on payments made in advance of the distribution season in order to fund and sustain farm production during their slower months. The premise of this system entails committing, in advance, to full participation and support through pre-season payments. Therefore, if a member finds, for any reason, that he or she is unable or unwilling to maintain membership in the GWCSA after the season start date of June 1, he or she will not receive a refund. Said members are encouraged to sell their remaining share(s), at the pro-rated price, to a friend interested in joining, or fellow member who wanting to add to their existing share. The GWCSA will also assist, as we are able, by contacting our wait list and putting any interested prospective members in touch directly with the current member to make private arrangements for selling of said share(s).