2017 Prices

Vegetables, fruit, eggs, flowers, cheese, bread, meat, and (brand new for 2017!) BEER are available as individual season-long shares.

  • Vegetables - $655.20 weekly, $345.00 biweekly: Enough seasonal vegetables (6-8 types) for 2 large vegetarian meals, or for sides for the week. Check out this Harvest Schedule for an idea of what you might get when.
  • Fruit - $300.00 weekly, $165.00 biweekly: Enough seasonal fruit for 1-2 people to have fruit on cereal or for a snack for about 5 days.
  • Eggs - $80.16 weekly, $40.08 biweekly: 1/2 dozen eggs from pasture raised chickens that are fed ORGANIC feed with no hormones or antibiotics.
  • Sunflowers - $100.00 weekly, $50.00 biweekly: One bouquet of sunflowers each week (or biweekly), for 10 weeks of the season.
  • Cheese - $194.04: A rotating selection of seasonally available cheeses and milk products from North Fork Dairies, as well as some natural grass-fed dairies in upstate NY. *Pickups are biweekly (12 per season) on A week only.
  • Bread - $80.04: Receive a unique, freshly baked organic loaf biweekly with your CSA share! The BREAD share option will contain one large loaf of whole wheat bread each week! It will rotate through four kinds of breads which are all delicious, organic, probiotic and crusty. Oat Bread, Sourdough, Farm Loaf, and Beer Bread. Made by Carissa's Bread in Amagansett, NY, our bread contains flour made from our very own wheat, grown organically (like everything else) at Garden of Eve! See further details here. *Pickups are biweekly (12 per season) on A week only.
  • Meat - $300: 4-5 lbs of meat delivered frozen. Meat can be added to a Wednesday or a Saturday share and can now be picked up on Wednesday or Saturday. *Pickups are every four weeks (6 per season) on A week only.
  • Beer - $132: One growler of craft beer from Garden of Eve Farm Brewery! You will receive a different beer each month, in a re-usable growler bag. Garden of Eve Farm Brewery is a craft brewing operation that uses all NYS ingredients to create unique taste sensations in its brews. All beer is brewed on the premises of Garden of Eve Organic Farm, where they also grow some of the hops and grain.
  • Plants - $16: Choose one of 12 different Certified Organic potted Herb and Vegetable Collections, for your windowsill or your garden. A one-time pick up on SATURDAY May 6 (no Wednesday pick ups). See all the Collection choices and more info at http://gardenofevefarm.com/PlantCSAShare/.


You must buy a vegetable share, but otherwise you may choose any combination of shares. For example, if you choose a biweekly share of veggies and two biweekly shares of eggs, you will pick up vegetables and a dozen eggs every two weeks. Also available is the plant share, which is a one-time pickup of plants in early May. 

*If you are a biweekly member and you buy a cheese, bread, beer, or meat , you will very likely be assigned A week pickup as all of these items are only distributed on A weeks. Keep this in mind when you choose your work shift.

For detailed descriptions of past shares to understand exactly what you might receive in your share, please see this pdf provided by Garden of Eve.

Combination Shares

Our Mega Combo includes vegetables, fruit, eggs and flowers. Available weekly ($1150.08) or biweekly ($609.96). 

Our Personal Size Weekly Share is available for $550.08. This is perfect for a single person or a couple on the go who still want to enjoy the weekly, fresh vegetables at home, but not too much. Will contain 5 organic vegetable items per week and 1 fruit item (fruit is seasonal and local, but usually not organic). Comes pre-packed in a recyclable box.

Pay in Multiple Installments

If you become a member by the end of April, you can pay in multiple installments, which make the payments smaller and more manageable. All payments must be completed by June 1st.

Due Dates

Returning members receive a discount if they sign up by April 17. Regular memberships must be paid in full by June 1

The GWCSA also provides low income options, including subsidies and payment plans.