Core Members and Positions

The GWCSA is run by a core group of volunteers that meets monthly and ensures the continued operation of our favorite local veggie / produce / food distribution non-profit. There are a number of coordinator positions within the core, but we also have valued core members that help out without holding a coordinator position. Core positions can also be shared so feel free to email us if you're interested in a position that looks like it's already taken.

Everyone is welcome - become a part of the core group! Join us for just two of our monthly meetings to become a voting core member. 

Accounting Coordinator: Naomi Elena Ramirez

Comes up with a yearly budget at the beginning of the year, keeps track of account balances and expenses, writes reimbursement checks.

Naomi is a Saturday member and a Williamsburg artist at-large. She is also the GWCSA board treasurer.


Communications Coordinators: Madalyn and Ryan Stumpe

Manages the weekly newsletter which always contains pickup information, a list of the share contents for the week, and news from the farm. Decides whether to add additional content like recipes or event information. Gathers content from other core members and from the internet, writes content, and designs / formats the newsletter in MailChimp


Events Coordinator: Melissa Sands

Helps educate members on the mission of the CSA and foster community amongst CSA members by planning and executing events for the CSA community.

Responsible for planning five main events annually: the Farmer Meet & Greet (usually in early May), the Farm Trips (usually one in May and one in August), the Harvest Dinner (mid-November, around last week of CSA), and one additional summer event (past examples include CSA happy hours, Kohlrabi Iron Chef, CSA Supper Club, Band Showcase fundraiser, cooking classes). Can also plan additional events to create community, educate members on items stated in our mission, and to fund raise for specific purposes (such as low-income or general funds if and when needed). Lots of room for new ideas as well!

Melissa has been a member of the CSA since 2011 and joined the Core in 2012. She is a retired food blogger and competitive cooking contestant, where she won awards for her Chang Mai Curry Noodles, Grilled Pineapple Chili and Hazelnut Love-Bite cookies. She was a co-organizer of The Great Hot Dog Cookoff for four years, raising money for City Harvest and The Food Bank for New York City. She currently works for a specialty food importer and eats a lot of olives, hot dogs, and farm-fresh produce, of course.

Low Income Coordinator: Bari Wolf

Communicates with members who are interested in either subsidized shares or a revolving loan. Calculates how many of these members can be accepted for the season, arranges their payment schedule and follows up on any late payments.

Bari is a Wednesday member and manages the GWCSA's Instagram feed. She is a longtime advocate of healthy and sustainable eating as well as working with low income and under-served communities. She is a vegetarian since age 11. She is an amateur preserver who loves to pickle, ferment, and jam. She works as a lawyer.

Saturday Distribution Coordinators: Nicole Markley, Naomi Elena Ramirez, Amelia Kreminski, and Jeff Cain

Works with other Saturday Distribution Coordinators to divvy up work dates for the season. Shows up for assigned distribution shifts (usually eight per season) and directs work shift members to unload the trucks, set up the distribution area, and check off members as they show up to pick up shares.

Nicole is a Saturday member and she has an infectiously upbeat personality. She is also the GWCSA board president.

Amelia is a Saturday member and helps out with the GWCSA website. She loves live music and is super proud that her first concert was the Grateful Dead. For the past five years she has been deeply entrenched in the New York City bluegrass scene and is always behind in reading her New Yorkers. She works as an editor of genre fiction. 

Signup Coordinator: Kat

Coordinates member signup during the off season from November through June. This involves configuring Farmigo (an online application for selecting member subscriptions and taking payments), marketing to new members, answering email questions from potential members, ensuring that we don't oversell our shares, and balancing the biweekly shares for all share types. 


Tech Coordinator: Jeff Aldrich

Provides development and support for the following technology: website - (hosted on Squarespace), email service (MailChimp), mailing list or forum for core CSA members (Google Groups), mailing list or forum for CSA member communication around workshift and share swaps, online software for season sign-up (Farmigo), and our custom app that provides distribution checklists.

Jeff s a Saturday member who helps with all the technology things. He likes writing songs and novels.

Wednesday Distribution Coordinators: Lydia Rockett, Bernice Kelly, and Julie Robinson

Works with other Wednesday Distribution Coordinators to divvy up work dates for the season. Shows up for assigned distribution shifts (usually eight per season) and directs work shift members on how to set up/break down the distribution site and how to distribute the produce. A very hands-on coordinator position and a great way to get experience leading a team.

Lydia is a Saturday member. She runs her own antique store Velma Vintage. Among her many hobbies is exploring abandoned buildings.

Bernice is a nature addict who’s obsessed with sustainability. She owns a jewelry line which uses recycled metals.

Lydia Rockett

Lydia Rockett

Bernice Kelly

Bernice Kelly

Work Shift Coordinator: Kat

Manages the work shift calendar and communicates with members about their shifts, including sending shift reminders, etc.