We currently have 2 options for potential CSA members who demonstrate a financial need: revolving loans and subsidized shares.


Revolving Loans

We understand it can be tough to scrape together a lump sum of money at the beginning of the season. Under our revolving loan program the GWCSA pays the farmer, Garden of Eve, at the beginning of the season and then the member pays us back in a series of installments. Revolving loans are available to everyone independent of your income level.

  1. You must pay the $22 administrative fee at the beginning of the season.
  2. You pay multiple installments through the season until your share is paid in full. We are flexible about amounts.
  3. We do not require you to provide proof of need for this program – if you need it, we will help you.


Subsidized Shares

Under this program, we offer a 50% subsidy for vegetable shares. That means that GWCSA pays 1/2 price for your vegetable share. We also cover the $22 administrative fee so you are paying much less for your share. The remainder can be paid in installments throughout the season like a revolving loan.

To qualify for this program we ask that you provide proof that you are:

  • On Social Security
  • Living in public housing or subsidized housing
  • On food stamps/WIC
  • On unemployment or other types of fixed income with public benefits

At this time we are not able to accept food stamps. 

Please contact us at info@gwcsa.org if you are interested in these options.